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Refund Policy
  • If the money has been deducted from the customer's bank and is not visible in the wallet, then that balance will be added to the customer's wallet by 10 PM on the next working day. If the money is not added to the wallet even on next day, then that amount will automatically go back to the original source within 7 working days. In very rare cases, the amount may get added in wallet after 5 days instead of going back to bank.
  • You can get refund on per transaction basis. In the refund page, you will find a refund button for each transaction that is less than or equal to your wallet balance. On clicking the link, that particular transaction will be refunded in the original source and the wallet balance will be reduced by same amount.
  • In the event when you balance is less than any of your individual transactions, you will not be able to place a refund request and should utilise the available balance for purchases on the portal.
  • If you have applied for a refund before 4th June 2021 (Old refund system), the amount has either been credited in your bank account or has been added back in your wallet balance with an entry as RR-#### (#### being the refund ID). You can request a refund using new refund system.
  • In case one or more of your transaction visible in the transaction history are not available in the refund page, please try after 2-3 days.
  • As of now, refund rquests are accepted only during 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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