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Refund Policy
  • Terms & Condtions
  • The order window will open at the scheduled time. Scheduled Time will be visible to the customers when it is closed. The scheduled time can be changed according to the circumstances without any prior notice.
  • As on date, Only Home Delivery orders are taken online.
  • In case any district or shop is closed due to technical or administrative reasons, orders will not be taken for that district or shop.
  • Only one queued order will be taken from a customer at a time. The customer can cancel the order within one hour after placing the order (only in case the order is not confirmed). After 1 hour the order will be locked for the next 17 hours. The order can be canceled by the customer after 18 hours (only in case the order is not confirmed).
  • New order can be placed when existing order is confirmed by shop and charges have been deducted for the order from the wallet.

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